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                    The maintenance process of garden humidification pump needs to be mastered

                    The maintenance of garden humidification pump is a necessary process in daily use. The maintenance is to better use and extend its service life. There are also procedures to be mastered for maintenance.

                    When checking the garden humidification pump, it needs to be repeatedly calibrated. The different centricity between the pump shaft and the shaft sleeve should not exceed 0.05 mm. If it is found that the shaft sleeve needs to be replaced after this time, if the pump is corroded or 2% of the diameter of the wear, it should be replaced with a new shaft. The bearing is relatively easy to wear, and regular maintenance and replacement is normal.

                    There are many items to be checked. The sealing ring also needs to be checked. It will be loose after a long time. Check whether the sealing ring has cracks or wear. If the sealing is not good, there will be air entering, resulting in abnormal operation. If it exceeds the specified allowable value, it should be replaced in time. When replacing, the outer diameter of the impeller water inlet should be turned. In principle, when turning, it should be concentric with the shaft.


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