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                    What is the harm of empty transfer of garden humidification pump

                    In the operation of the garden humidification pump, there is no idling phenomenon. Many friends do not know why there is idling, and how to solve this situation. Idling is harmful to the water pump. Next, I will lead you to see how to avoid this hazard.

                    The inlet medium of the garden humidification pump is not enough or the water pressure is not enough, which causes the water pipe to be blocked, the air in the pump is not discharged, the pump is idling, the impeller is not in contact or the contact medium is very little, and the liquid cannot be transmitted normally. These are useless work. The idle speed is prone to cavitation, which will damage the pump body and flow components, and affect its use.

                    The bearings of the garden humidification pump are subject to special process treatment, tempering and heat treatment to improve the hardness, and materials with low elasticity are selected to prevent large swing and bite after idling. Idling is mainly caused by idle speed. It is enough to solve this problem.


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