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                    Can you repair the garden humidification pump

                    The maintenance of the garden humidification pump is required by professionals, but the small problems can be achieved by many people, which are not complicated. For small problems, can you repair them? If you can't, you can learn from the shell pump.

                    Let's first see what problems the garden humidification pump encounters. We can repair them. The flushing pipe of the water pump generally adopts positive flushing, that is, the sealing medium itself is introduced from the pump inlet to the sealing chamber through the flushing pipe to flush the sealing section. This part is also used to take away the heat generated by friction and reduce the temperature of the end face.

                    The second problem that can be solved is the bellows seal water guide sleeve, which is usually worn in the bellows type mechanical seal. The cooling water enters the outer side of the water guide sleeve from the right above or diagonally above the gland, and flows out from the right below the seal gland after friction. The correct sequence is beneficial to the use of the garden humidification pump to avoid blocking it.

                    Non-professional personnel can only solve some small problems, but for serious problems, they should seek professional help.


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