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                    What to do if the garden humidification pump fails to start

                    Some garden humidification pumps are not working every day. If they are stopped for a period of time, they will not start normally when they are working again. At this time, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the water pump and find out what factors are causing it.

                    The last time the garden humidification pump was operated, it could operate normally, but it could not be started when it was used again. Check whether there was power. If the motor hummed after the switch was turned on, it means that the circuit was connected. At this time, if the motor did not move, stop the machine to check whether the cable, switch limit or the stator winding of the motor were connected. If the voltage is too low, the water pump will not start normally. The capacity of the transformer is too small or too far away from the unit, all of which need to be checked. If the impeller is stuck by debris or the clearance between the guide bearing and the shaft is too small, and the shaft is seized or seized, the bearing should be checked and cleaned in time. One by one, we can solve the problem by finding the problem.


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