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                    Solution to sealing failure of garden humidification pump

                    If the seal of the garden humidification pump fails in use, it will cause the whole system to fail to operate normally, and it will not be able to absorb water normally, so it will not play the role of irrigation. In fact, it is very simple to solve the problem of seal failure. If it is the problem of seal ring, it can be replaced. If it is the problem of mechanical seal, it needs to think of another way.

                    One of the garden humidification pumps we use is a mechanical seal. If there is a problem in use, it is reflected in the situation of excessive leakage and excessive temperature. It can not stay on it by hand, indicating that the temperature is too high, which may also be a factor causing seal damage. The leakage measurement should not exceed 60 drops/min. If it flows in a linear way, it indicates that the leakage is too large. Observe its cloud and stream conditions, It is necessary to stop the machine for inspection, determine the factors and find the problem before finding the solution.


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